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Protect your network infrastructure at every layer. Increasing and evolving threats require a multi-faceted approach that ensures security is inherent across every domain in service provider networks, as well as between users and the applications they are accessing across your network. F5 solutions provide multi-layer and multi-domain protection.

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Network Functions Virtualization

Maximize the benefits of NFV. Moving to NFV is key to improving agility and elasticity, but it requires appropriate management and orchestration. F5 provides a unified platform that delivers the core functions service providers need to transition from existing infrastructures to fully integrated and orchestrated NFV architectures.

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Data Traffic Management

Create a simpler and more profitable network. Increasing complexity in networks and traffic patterns presents service providers with constant scalability and performance challenges in the data plane. F5 solutions enable a simplified, high-performance network that delivers a high quality of experience for subscribers and maximizes profitability.

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Diameter and DNS Signaling

Take control of signaling growth. With the rollout of LTE comes massive growth in Diameter and DNS signaling. F5 provides a strategic point of control in the signaling plane to help service providers simplify the network architecture, efficiently manage resources, respond to changes in real time, and quickly roll out new services to optimize the customer experience.

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