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Juniper Care is a family of services and support tools that covers our hardware and software products and includes our Service Automation capabilities.

Juniper Care

Juniper Care delivers a combination of service automation tools, including Junos Space Service Now and Junos Space Service Insight, award-winning 24x7 mission critical support, and E-Support and E-Learning. The combination ensures your network is running reliably, decreasing your operational costs, and protecting your network investment.

  • Service Automation, powered by Junos Space Service Now, reduces the time for problem identification and diagnostics. It improves staff productivity because they can concentrate on running the network instead of fixing the equipment.
  • Junos Space Service Insight is a powerful service automation platform that provides proactive reports that empower your organization to make decisions based on network information and business intelligence. It does more than "automate" – it reduces risk by discovering errors before they become problems.

Juniper Care is available with a choice of hardware replacement options, based on geographic availability. Please contact your Juniper Account Manager or Partner for more specifics.

Juniper Care Software Advantage

Juniper Care Software Advantage integrates software updates and upgrades with comprehensive technical support that keep your critical software applications at optimal performance, and at the same time increase your operational efficiency by leveraging our industry-leading expertise.

Juniper Care Software Advantage service covers Juniper software such as Junos Space applications, edge software, security, and wireless applications, to help extend and enhance the lifetime of your software products. Service entitlement includes:

  • Immediate access to all software updates, upgrades and patches
  • Global 24x7x365 remote technical support with unlimited service request
  • Online support

Every Juniper Care contract comes with Junos Space Service Now and Service Insight applications that provide automation and targeted information for your network, and result in enhanced productivity and proactive monitoring of the network.

Junos Space Service Now provides automated incident management and inventory management that allow you to choose how you want to deploy, receive, and manage, the information gathered from each Junos-based device. You can also track support contract coverage and expiration dates, as well as have access to a complete inventory of your Junos-based devices.

Junos Space Service Insight sends targeted, proactive bug notifications and end of life, end of service and end of engineering, reports for the devices on your network. Having this information proactively and on demand keeps you ahead of potential issues in your network.

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