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Next-Generation Security Platform

Preventing Successful Cyberattacks

The downside of the ever-decreasing cost of computing power is the ability for cybercriminals and adversaries to launch automated and sophisticated attacks at lower and lower costs. It is now cheaper than ever to conduct successful cyberattacks, which has led to an onslaught of malicious activity against organizations, threatening the foundations of trust in digital systems critical to business operations and innovative advantage.

The end goal of security is to enable your operations to flourish and keep your organization out of the headlines associated with cyber breaches. This means reducing the likelihood of a successful attack. By focusing on prevention, the Palo Alto Networks® Next-Generation Security Platform reduces cybersecurity risk to a manageable degree, allowing organizations to compartmentalize their most serious threats and focus on business operations.

The Palo Alto Networks Next-Generation Security Platform has four key characteristics that enable the prevention of successful cyberattacks:

  1. Natively integrated technologies that leverage a single-pass architecture to exert positive control based on applications, users and content to reduce organizational attack surface, support open communication, orchestration, and visibility, and enable consistent security posture, providing the same protection on the endpoint, in the data center, on the network, in public and private clouds, and across SaaS environments.
  2. Automation of protection by creating and reprogramming security postures in real-time across the network, endpoint and cloud environments to counter new threats, allowing teams to scale with technology, not people.
  3. Extensibility and flexibility that allow for consistent protection as users move off physical networks – and as organizations expand – and adopt new technologies and architectures.
  4. Threat intelligence sharing that enhances prevention and minimizes the spread of attacks by taking advantage of the network effects of automated sharing of protections across a global community.


Automation Reducing Manual Response

Most organizations are inundated with too much data from too many sources to analyze. There is simply not enough manpower to keep up to speed with the increasing number of threats. Too many of these threats either fall through the cracks or cannot be acted upon in time to prevent successful attacks.

Whatever can be done to streamline processes, workflows and logging will help alleviate this challenge. The Palo Alto Networks Next-Generation Security Platform streamlines not only management workflows but also the prevention of newly detected threats, whether they are new phishing attempts that put your user identities at risk, ransomware that poses a threat to your data, or any other sophisticated attack against your network. Your security deployment needs to automatically prevent attackers from achieving their mission.

Extensibility & Flexibility

Security should not be an impediment to the adoption of new mobility, SaaS, or public or private cloud technologies that enable productivity. Your organization should enjoy the protection against cyberattacks that can automatically adjust to the risk based on how or where your applications and data reside and have been used. Only a natively integrated security platform, with components across these rapidly evolving technology environments, can keep pace with modern attackers who leverage new attack vectors and security gaps to their target.

The Palo Alto Networks Next-Generation Security Platform is composed of natively engineered technologies that leverage a single-pass prevention architecture to exert positive control based on applications, users and content. The result is a reduced attack surface, increased visibility, and consistent security posture from the network to the cloud and the endpoint.

Threat Intelligence Sharing

The Palo Alto Networks Next-Generation Security Platform also benefits from the powerful network effect of a growing community of comprehensive global threat data sharing to minimize the spread of attacks and raise the costs to attackers. No one organization will ever see all global threats, but as part of a network, they benefit from collective intelligence. The detection of a new threat in one customer environment sharing threat information triggers the automatic creation and dissemination of prevention mechanisms across the entire network of thousands of customers. As the network grows, the wider protections propagate, limiting the spread of attacks and, consequently, their effectiveness.



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