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Skybox Change Manager

Optional module for Skybox Firewall Assurance & Network Assurance

skybox security change manager
A powerful tool for complete firewall workflow management.

Support: Check Point | Nokia | Juniper| Fortinet |Cisco | McAfee |Symantec








How it works:

Capture information: The user submits a short description of the change request and business requirements. The user submits the list of sources, destinations or services that are covered by the change request.

Technical specifications: The firewall specialist reviews and completes the source-destination-port list. Then Change Manager finds the relevant firewalls and checks whether the connectivity is already permitted or not.

Validation: Change Manager analyzes the change request and validates that changes are in compliance with pre-determined network policies.  Change Manager identifies any violations that will occur if the change is implemented as well as the associated risk level.

Review: The user reviews the analysis, formalizes the rule and objects changes, and submits the final change request.

Change verification:  Change Manager determines if the change request has been submitted correctly. The user acknowledges the changes and closes the ticket.

Business and Technical Benefits:

- Decrease costs associated with firewall management
- Eliminate errors and misconfigurations during firewall changes
- Optimize the change workflow process


- Web-based workflow application
- Full ticketing system – including multiple phases, audit-log, comments, attachments etc.
- Finds relevant firewalls for each source, destination and port by change specification
- Checks actual connectivity by simulating the firewall access list
- Checks policy compliance requests against out-of-the-box or customized policies
- Automatic email notifications
- Allows integration with 3rd party ticketing systems


Sjoerd Jan Stein

Business Development Manager

+31 6 21565554