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Skybox Security

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Skybox Security

Skybox Security is a mature organization, within an emerging market space, that has been in business for almost 10 years.  Skybox solutions find critical network risk exposures automatically, such as misconfigured firewalls, access policy violations and exposed vulnerabilities. 

With Skybox, IT security managers can anticipate the most critical risks and take action in advance to prevent data breaches, attacks and compliance issues.

Firewall Assurance | Risk Control

Skybox Firewall Assurance

Skybox Security firewalll audit

Firewall Assurance acts as the first line of network defense. With Firewall Assurance organizations are able to automatically conduct firewall analysis and auditing tohelp achieve PCIcompliance, change validation, and firewall rule set optimization.

Firewall Insurance products

  • Skybox Firewall Assurance
  • Skybox Change Manager
  • Skybox CertiFire

 Skybox Network Assurance

  Evaluate, troubleshoot, and map large networks for access compliance, availability, and security risks.

Network Insurance products

  • Skybox Network Assurance

Skybox Risk Control

skybox security risk control

Risk Control automatically collects and correlates vulnerability scan data with information about network topology, device settings, asset values and known threats. With Risk Control network security teams can avoid manual risk analysis, eliminate unnecessary patching, simulate the impact of cyber-attacks, and respond quickly to new cyber threats.

Risk Control products

  • Skybox Risk Control
  • Skybox Threat Manager

Pricing and Licensing

Skybox solutions are available in a variety of pricing and licensing schemes to support all relevant business models:

- Software resell of perpetual or subscription licenses
- On-going managed security services based on monthly use level
- One time engagements for assessment or audit projects

Skybox Security : Download the SkyBox Certifire Trial version


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Business Development Manager

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