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A more effective way to collaborate using Microsoft Skype for Business

The SMART Room System for Microsoft Skype for Business transforms meetings and helps engage every meeting participant by enabling them to contribute ideas in more creative ways and provides them with a more inspired way to collaborate. With a fully-integrated, turnkey solution, the SMART room systems combine touch-enabled displays with an HD video camera, microphones and speakers.



An integrated solution

All components are manufactured by SMART, meaning they work together seamlessly, so you can too.

Natural collaboration

With the intuitive features of SMART’s interactive displays, meeting participants collaborate by naturally interacting with content.

A right fit for any room

Available in three sizes, the SMART Room System also offers options for single and dual displays.


SMART Lync Room System


  1. Commercial-grade, touch-enabled flat panel display A durable, high-definition LCD interactive flat panel that enables an unrivalled touch experience
  2. Microphones and integrated audio Up to 4 tabletop microphones can be connected, ensuring effective coverage and integrated speakers offer high quality sound
  3. Video camera The HD camera displays the entire room, adapts to any lighting condition and gives the feeling of making direct eye contact
  4. Immediate startup The display uses proximity detection to turn on when you walk into the room. And you can start your meeting by pressing one button
  5. Administrative console Switch between presenters, change the configuration of data and video and move between presentation and whiteboard content
  6. Optional floor stand Avoid the need for wall reinforcement and manage table wiring with the integrated raceway


Leveraging Microsoft Skype for Business

Enhance your investment in Microsoft SfB by expanding it into the meeting room. You won’t need to invest in conflicting infrastructure and your users will be able to work within a familiar user interface. And with three different sizes available, you can tailor your solution to each room.

More effective collaboration

Evolve from traditional videoconferencing to fully immersive collaborative meetings by enabling comprehensive data interaction. Participants can be seen and heard, but are also able interact with the content being discussed. This ensures that they stay engaged and are able to fully contribute to the conversation.

Intuitive interaction

The familiar, inviting design of SMART’s interactive displays encourages use by making interaction with digital content a natural experience. You can use your finger to interact with content, pick up a pen and write over it in your choice of colour and use your palm to erase.

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