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Deep Security

Deep Security 9.5

Enterprise Virtualization Security


Comprehensive security platform for physical, virtual and cloud servers


Virtualization and cloud computing have transformed the data center. Yet many organizations continue to use legacy security as they move from traditional physical environments to the modern data center where virtualization and cloud are the norm. Legacy security can increase operational complexity in virtual environments while decreasing host performance and virtual machine (VM) density. It leaves gaps in protection that can undermine the confidence to move mission-critical workloads to agile, low-cost cloud environments. Ultimately, using legacy security in the modern data center hinders the return on investment (ROI) of virtualization and cloud computing.


Key Benefits


  1. Accelerates Virtualization, VDI, & Cloud ROI
  2. Lowers Costs
  3. Prevents Data Breaches
  4. Helps Achieve Compliance


See how Deep Security Virtual Appliance, Agents, Manager, and Security Center coordinate to strengthen your data center security.



Gaetan Fontaine

Product Manager

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