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nCircle Benchmark

Cloud-based Security Performance Metrics, IT Scorecards and Industry Benchmarks

nCircle Benchmark is a Cloud-based solution that delivers complete visibility across multiple-vendor security and compliance solutions with metrics and scorecards that show you at-a-glance how your IT investment is performing.
nCircle Benchmark

Benchmark metrics are presented by industry; company size, geography and assets under management, and internal metrics provide analysis by risk profile, organizational structure, compliance requirements and more.

nCircle Benchmark provides unique benefits:
- Systematic metric model ensures consistency of results
- Highly secure architecture ensures all data is aggregated and privacy is assured
- Cloud-based solution is cost effective for organizations of all sizes

Broad Range of Scorecards
nCircle Benchmark offers a broad range of visual scorecards, grouped as “Metrics Packs”, that allow an organization to view results in the context of their business. nCircle Benchmark Metrics Packs include:
- Vulnerability Management PDF
- Configuration Auditing PDF
- Antivirus & Endpoint Protection PDF
- Identity & Access Management PDF
- Patch Management

How It Works?

nCircle Benchmark Architecture

nCircle Benchmark offers several Metrics Packs, made up of metrics, scorecards and data adapters. Users sign up for metrics packs and download small data adapters for their specific security products.
The data adapters use standard APIs to retrieve data from the various security products, aggregate the data and calculate the metrics, all on customer premise. The data adapters then send the metric results to the user’s account in the nCircle Benchmark Cloud service. There, the metrics are aggregated into scorecards and benchmarks.

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Anne Bourgeois

Program Manager