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nCircle File Integrity Monitor

File integrity auditing solution

nCircle File Integrity Monitor™ provides an agentless file integrity  auditing solution that gives you the ability to monitor an asset’s details all the way down to the file level without requiring software agents on the monitored system. nCircle’s file integrity monitoring solution discovers significant file integrity detail, such as:

  • File size
  • Version
  • When it was created
  • When it was modified
  • The login name of any user who modifies the file
  • Its attributes (e.g., Read-Only, Hidden, System, etc.


Files are scanned initially to create a baseline. Then, each time the file is scanned again, according to any period of time you wish to specify, the current configuration is compared against the original. Any changes detected to the file are logged and included in reports.

nCircle File Integrity Monitor is a fully-featured, agentless file integrity monitoring solution that discovers and monitors file details, with full logging, reporting and alerting on changes.


Anne Bourgeois

Program Manager