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nCircle PureCloud

Cloud-based network security scanning for small to medium enterprises

PureCloud Enterprise provides a cost-effective and easy-to-use cloud-based scanning solution, allowing you to perform internal and perimeter scans from virtually anywhere. It's an ideal solution for mergers and acquisition due diligence and third party assurance with its frictionless deployment model.

nCircle PureCloud Enterprise provides a solution for each of the following scenarios:
- Meet network perimeter scanning needs:
Extend your visibility to outside risks and vulnerabilities with perimeter scanning.
- Run scans anywhere, anytime:
Finally, the ability to perform network audits from remote office locations.
- Mergers & acquisitions due diligence - simplified:
Low cost, stealthy deployment and robust scanning capabilities makes PureCloud a perfect addition to your due diligence toolkit. All assessments easily integrated into SIH for detailed analysis.
- Ideal solution for third-party assurance:
Easily assess and understand the state of security in third-party environments containing information critical to your business.

nCircle PureCloud delivers several advantages over competing solutions:


Anne Bourgeois

Program Manager