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nCircle WebApp360

Enterprise Class Web Application Scanning for Production Environments

Security assessments that occur during production are the only assessments that give enterprises real time, continuous knowledge of the security posture of their web applications.
nCircle WebApp360 is designed for exactly that:  web application security testing for production environments.

nCircle WebApp360 delivers:
- Continuous and complete web application infrastructure assessment, including web applications, underlying operating systems, and adjacent applications in production environments
- Comprehensive security risk analysis, combining web application coverage with network, operating system, and infrastructure exposure intelligence
- Leverages nCircle’s appliance-based architecture, eliminating the high cost of deployment and maintenance associated with other solutions

Fully integrated with nCircle IP360™, nCircle Focus™ and Suite360 Intelligence Hub™ to provide customers with unprecedented visibility into their overall IT security risks

Sample WebApp360 Vulnerability Coverage:
- Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) Vulnerabilities
- Injection Vulnerabilities
- Web Page Implementation Flaws
- Web Application Infrastructure
nCircle WebApp360


Anne Bourgeois

Program Manager